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Achieve beautiful bespoke architectural finishes, for any new interior or refurbishment project, that carry similar look and feel to authentic materials such as wood, metal, stone, leather and other fabrics - with luxury vinyl coverings, from 3M


Shaw about Vinyl offers a huge selection of coverings for both interior and exterior applications. These achieve a similar look and feel to authentic materials such as wood, metal, stone and fabrics. Most substrates can be refreshed such as real wood, dry walls, MDF, veneer, high pressure laminates, gel coats, metals, painted surfaces, glass.. and even concrete!


Not only are Caroline and her team all 3M Preferred Graphics Installers, but also 3M Architectural Endorsed Graphics Installers for DI NOC installations. This means Shaw about Vinyl Inc is fully certified and authorized by 3M to work on any Di Noc architectural refinishing projects such as retail, residential, hospitality, commercial, cruise ship, yacht refits and so much more.


Most importantly, clients are reassured that because of Shaw about Vinyl's extensive background, credentials and knowledge, that the correct pre installation advice is given and warranty procedures are followed for all installations, under Caroline's strict working guidelines.  



DI-NOC beautiful architectural finishes resemble natural materials and other types of surfaces to an astonishing degree.

Not only cost effective, they deliver the look you want, efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly
Not produced from trees or metal bearing ores - DI-NOC also carry a non PVC option, that qualifies for LEED credit (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Time Efficient Application
Create a whole new look, for renovations, lightweight and self-adhering, these stunning architectural finishes can be applied on site to most existing substrates, reducing labor and material cost compared to natural materials - But not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to natural materials. 

New Build Construction
Perhaps you prefer the authenticity of real wood, metal or stone? That is only natural. Use them for select areas & specify DI-NOC architectural finishes everywhere else. You'll get great cost savings, speed of application, durability and still maintain the aesthetic look you desire everywhere else, from ceilings to columns to walls.

Safety & Testing

Most of the Di Noc architectural finishes achieved the National Fire Protection Association Class A Level, as defined in NFPA 101 ''Life Safety Code''.  High Gloss series achieved Class B Level. Test method ASTM E84 for building indoor wall/ceiling applications in the U.S.

Fire door rated. Flammability/Fire Resistance (most with Class A fire rating).

Cruise ship and yacht testing, 1996 International Marine Organisation (IMO) FTP Code.

User Examples

Architects, airports, casinos, commercial contracts, construction, cruise ships, education, entertainment, government, gyms, healthcare, hospitality, hotels, interior design, marine, new build, offices, police, public buildings, raceways, restaurants, residential builds, real estate, recreation, retail, shop fitting, stadiums, transportation, yacht refits & refurbishments. 


Most homeowners these days run a very busy household, have hectic lifestyles and careers.  So the thought of such a big, expensive project as ripping out an outdated or worn kitchen;  Workmen in and out the home all week, no water or electric to cook proper meals and all those other disruptive, stressful things in mind, simply stays as that - a thought on their to do list.  But with SAV's warranted 3M Di Noc kitchen installations, carried out by certified 3M Di Noc Endorsed Architectural Graphic Installers -

Clients can relax, with a more time efficient, cost effective and least stressful alternative. Kitchen substrates such as veneer, laminates and real woods, can be refreshed and updated, by re-upholstering cabinets, doors and panels with luxury architectural vinyl's.


Wear and tear damage on the original surfaces, if required, can be repaired beforehand and depending on extremes, can usually be carried out the same day as the installation.


With no real downtime, an old, tired and dull looking kitchen can be transformed into a stunning new showpiece, breathing life back into the hub of a household.

3M Di Noc Kitchen Wraps Orlando Miami Florida
3M Di Noc kitchen vinyl wrap, orlando, miami, shaw about vinyl
Vinyl wrap, kitchen, Orlando, Florida
Vinyl wrap, kitchen, 3M Di Noc, Orlando, Florida
3M Di Noc Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Orlando Miami Florida
Vinyl Wrap orlando florida

Cruise Ship, Hospitality, Yacht Interiors



Shaw about Vinyl's warranted, 3M Di Noc architectural vinyl installations, for super yacht & cruise ships, carry the same high standard principle as commercial, luxury home, hospitality, retail refurbishments & new build finishing - With the additional expertise of working in the marine industry.

Most importantly, SAV's installations compared to chemical, is far more

time efficient, which is super important in yacht servicing.

No need for all that extreme dust, dirt or paint and varnish fumes. No worrying about paint runs, overspray or color discrepancies. Minimal downtime compared to real wood refinishing, with a myriad of vinyl colors and texture choices to completely transform any vessel living space.

Super Yacht Wrap, Shaw about vinyl, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Florida, 3M Di Noc, Vinyl Wrap

**The 3M Di Noc range is suitable and has been fire tested and approved for yacht and cruise ship refurbishments. Shaw about Vinyl's clients are assured, being both 3M Preferred and 3M Architecturally Endorsed, that not only does SAV care about quality, but that the correct warranty procedures are followed, on all installations.

Transform tired, faded and outdated high pressure laminates with less downtime, with Shaw about Vinyl's professional wrap installations

Shaw about Vinyl, Rybovich Super yacht Marina, Florida , vinyl wraps
Super yacht vinyl wrap, shaw about vinyl, orlando, west palm beach, florida, 3m

Refresh interiors with SAV's luxurious vinyl wrap options.

For laminate & soft lined wall panels, storage, doors, bed & furniture bases, headboards, surrounds and even headlinings.

Privacy, heat & fade reduction, as well as security films are also offered for windows.

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