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Based on two fundamental factors, time efficiency and better cost effectiveness - vinyl wraps have now become a very viable and respected option within such industries as construction, cruise & hospitality - for new build finishing and refurbishments.


Large scale vinyl wrap and window film installations must be project managed correctly to ensure the best possible end result.  The Shaw about Vinyl team have over 100 years (yes, over 100 years) combined knowledge and hands on experience within the marine and vinyl graphics industries.  This means Shaw about Vinyl is very well versed in discussing the pro’s and con’s with clients; in what can be offered, instead of paint or other refurbishment specialist finishes.


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Super Yachts
Super Cars

Understanding the Very Importance of Brand Awareness...

Professionalism, quality of materials used, high level of installations with guarantees, confidentiality clauses, strict deadlines to be met -

is why worldwide known brand names seek Shaw about Vinyl's valued services.


Clients know the dedication to work 24/7 is there, to make sure their project is successfully completed on time. Not just time efficiency, but at the quality they expect.  Caroline cares deeply about the level of quality she prides in her company and clients trust in her, for the service she provides them, time and time again.

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Trust in the Small...

To Achieve in the Big...

However big or small, it's the little things that count that build up to the successful completion of every project, that Shaw about Vinyl manages.

A multitude of professional vinyl & film application & graphic design services are offered, with purpose built temperature controlled wrap bays, separate in house large format printing and full production area.


As well as specialist consultation services for technical data, budgeting, health, safety & risk assessments and scheduling of works throughout the project timeframe - also provided, if necessary, are a network of trusted, certified & highly skilled installation teams to fulfill time factored or large scale projects.


Unlike many large-scale service companies, clients are not only reassured that all contracts are personally overseen by Caroline, but also that absolutely no unknown installers or cheap labour is outsourced by Shaw about Vinyl.  Priding herself in running an ethically sound company, her worldwide reputation, quality, efficiency and fair working practices, are more important over making extra profits...


''Do it fair and do it right the first time''

Caroline has vast experience and knowledge in project managing all different sizes of contracts, from a few thousand to Multi Million.

It's extremely unfortunate these days of such bad service we all come across, but with Shaw about Vinyl - whatever your budget - 


the service provided remains, unrivalled.


Project Management & Installation Services

Going Underground...
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United Kingdom 

Due to the advance in technology, vinyl wraps within the rail industry have become more sought after, compared to full spray painting. Wraps are a more cost effective and time efficient way to help protect carriages against vandalism, graffiti and normal wear and tear.


Midlife refreshes and maintenance are scheduled and budgeted on all networks, costing millions of pounds - Billions, if we say Worldwide.  So choosing the vinyl option, the end customer can be reassured that their precious network of carriages can now have anti graffiti AND anti corrosive films applied in a short space of time, helping to reduce labour and repair costs.


Spray-paint does not offer the same protection as these vinyls and has a much slower turnaround with extreme chemical risks.

Unfortunately you will never stop vandalism, but in having these special vinyls applied, exterior and interior, it can reduce the damaging effects, reducing the running costs, year on year.

Fleet Management
Shaw about vinyl, vinyl wraps, fleet wraps, orlando, florida
Shaw about vinyl, vinyl wraps, fleet wraps, orlando, florida

Student Housing Service Vehicles 

United Kingdom / USA

Shaw about vinyl, vinyl wraps, fleet wraps, orlando, florida

Conception to completion in branding and re-branding of a company's fleet of vehicles, nationwide, is a major, time consuming task.  With so many factors going against a successful time efficient and budget emphasised turnaround, any project of this scale must be organised to the T.

Caroline's expertise in project management is seen worldwide.  Whatever your project brief - Whether you require full design, production and branding installation or just installation, nothing is seen as an impossible task. 

Shaw about Vinyl's clients know, that their valuable assets are in the of best hands. Never will works be carried out by unknown contractors, outsourced just to get the job done on the lowest budget for bigger profits.  With a network of trusted and certified installers, Caroline would rather do it all herself than to risk employing anyone other than those she has personally worked with, trusts, or has trained herself.

This is also relates to quality control of production, where knowledge of the best materials to use for your design brief is discussed, depending on budget and lifespans required. But foremost, quality of materials and installation is very important, as it speaks volumes of your brand and of Shaw about Vinyl's pride in work & in customer care. 

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