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3M Conceal Film Florida

Conceal Film - Forward Thinking to Reduce Visual Pollution

Shaw about vinyl , 3M Conceal Film Camouflage Orlando Florida


Shaw about vinyl 3M Conceal Film Camouflage Orlando Florida


3M's new Conceal Film utilizes 6 unique 3M technologies, such as light management and micro replication. This creates a camouflage effect that helps reduce the visual impact of antennas. So ugly wireless infrastructure, is transformed into more aesthetically pleasing landscapes. 

Business Advantage 

3M Conceal Film helps eliminate one of the main objectives to cellular site acquisition - visual pollution. 

With the reduced visual clutter and crowding, it can help lower resistance to infrastructure expansion from building owners, municipalities and communities.

Mobile operators can provide their customers with better coverage, with further site acquisitions and antennas where they need them. 

Global Economy 

Because 3M Conceal Film is applied to wireless infrastructure, there is no need to build elaborate and expensive concealment structures such as faux trees, poles and rooftop facades. And unlike paint, 3M Conceal Film can stand up to extreme weather conditions and has no impact on RF performance. 


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Not Seeing.. 

Is Believing.. 

shaw about vinyl. 3m conceal film, antenna orlando florida

3M's new Conceal Film is so advanced, so revolutionary, it helps antennas blend into their environment

3M Conceal film, Antenna wraps, shaw about vinyl, orlando, florida



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